Types of Chicken Breeds in Pakistan

Chickens are a vital part of Pakistan’s agricultural landscape, providing both meat and eggs to meet the dietary needs of the population. The country boasts a variety of chicken breeds, each with its unique characteristics and advantages. In this article, we’ll explore some of the most prominent chicken breeds in Pakistan, shedding light on their features and contributions to the poultry industry.

Types of Chicken Breeds in Pakistan
Types of Chicken Breeds in Pakistan

The Significance of Poultry Farming in Pakistan

Poultry farming plays a crucial role in Pakistan’s agricultural economy. It provides a source of income for numerous small-scale farmers and delivers an affordable protein source to the population. Understanding the different chicken breeds in Pakistan is essential for efficient poultry farming.

Desi Chicken

Traditional and Resilient

Desi chickens, also known as indigenous or local chickens, are a common sight in rural Pakistan. They are small, hardy birds that are well-adapted to local conditions. Desi chickens are favored for their natural resistance to diseases and ability to forage for food.

Dual-Purpose Birds

Desi chickens are dual-purpose birds, providing both meat and eggs. While their egg-laying capacity is lower than commercial breeds, their meat is prized for its taste and texture.

Rhode Island Red

The Rhode Island Red is a widely recognized and popular breed in Pakistan. These birds are known for their striking red plumage and excellent egg-laying capabilities.

Egg Production

Rhode Island Reds are prolific layers, producing brown eggs that are highly sought after in the market. They are a preferred choice for farmers looking to maximize egg production.


A Unique Breed

Aseel chickens are a distinct and native breed to Pakistan, known for their remarkable fighting abilities. These birds have a muscular build and are often raised for cockfighting.

Fighting Traditions

Cockfighting is a traditional and, in some areas, culturally significant activity. Aseel chickens are bred for strength and agility, making them popular contenders in these contests.


Meaty and Muscular

Cornish chickens are recognized for their meaty and muscular bodies. They are primarily raised for their exceptional meat quality.


Cornish chickens grow quickly, reaching market weight faster than many other breeds. Their tender and flavorful meat is favored for various culinary applications.


Prolific Egg Layers

Leghorn chickens are renowned for their egg-laying abilities. They are small, active birds that produce large quantities of white eggs.

Efficient Layers

Leghorns are among the most efficient layers, making them a favorite choice for commercial egg production farms in Pakistan.


Raised for Meat

Broilers are a type of chicken breed raised exclusively for meat production. They have been selectively bred for rapid growth and efficient meat conversion.

High Demand

The demand for broiler meat is consistently high in Pakistan, making broiler farming a profitable venture for many poultry farmers.


Dual-Purpose Birds

Sussex chickens are considered dual-purpose birds, suitable for both meat and egg production.

Eye-Catching Appearance

Known for their attractive plumage and docile nature, Sussex chickens are a popular choice among backyard poultry keepers.

Challenges in Poultry Farming

Disease Management

Disease outbreaks can have devastating effects on poultry farms. Effective disease prevention measures are essential to maintain a healthy flock.

Feed Costs

The cost of poultry feed can significantly impact a farmer’s profitability. Managing feed costs is crucial for success in poultry farming.

Market Dynamics

Market demand and pricing fluctuations can affect the profitability of poultry farming. Staying informed about market trends is vital for poultry farmers in Pakistan.

The Future of Poultry Farming in Pakistan

The poultry industry in Pakistan is poised for growth and offers opportunities for both small-scale farmers and large commercial operations. As the population continues to grow and dietary preferences evolve, poultry farming remains a significant source of income and nutrition. Understanding the various chicken breeds in Pakistan and their unique characteristics is key to success in this thriving industry.

The average price of each Chicken breed in Pakistan

BreedAverage Price (PKR)
Desi Chicken950 – 1050 per bird
Rhode Island Red300 – 400 per bird
Aseel500 – 2,000 per bird
Cornish250 – 350 per bird
Leghorn200 – 300 per bird
Broilers500 – 750 per bird
Sussex350 – 500 per bird


Poultry farming in Pakistan is a vital sector that contributes to both the economy and food security. The diverse range of chicken breeds in Pakistan, from traditional desi chickens to prolific layers like Leghorns, offers opportunities for farmers to meet the demand for meat and eggs. With the right knowledge and management, poultry farming can be a profitable and sustainable venture for individuals and communities in Pakistan.

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